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The ex- and first diving-instructor of Mariska of the Coconut Tree Divers in Roatan (Honduras), the Australian Daniel Ian Ross, says he has done nothing wrong to Mariska.
He's lying !.
Indeed, there are
not only found drugs in his bedroom, but also in the blood of Mariska  drugs were find (who never used it, so she has been drugged). Ross did use drugs himself and he wanted even to sell them. His drug dealer he has never been paid and is still looking for the outstanding bill!
Dan Ross says he's not a fugitive!
Also, he's lying! He is wanted by Interpol, he fled several times and Interpol has put him two times on the Interpol as 'wanted'. Dan Ross says that Mariska fell out of the bathroom and it was an accident. He's lying again, 2 autopsies clearly showed that she was murdered. Another very hurtful lie is that Ross says he has helped Mariska. No, absolutely not true, Ross (and roommate JISOO HAN)  helped themselves not to be responsible for her death!  If  Ross cowardly says that he did nothing wrong to Mariska (read: beaten to death), then who has beaten her to death? How well did Daniel Ross know someone from Australia, who was also there on Roatan at the time of the murder, as was shown? Does he protect someone? Why?  If Ross is wanted by Interpol and was several times on the run, how is it in God's name possible that he (or another) is not caught?  The answer is simple (but because of this, the case has become very complex): Corruption. Honduras is known for that. His parents are extorted by the Honduran lawyer Pedro A. C. Garcia and they have paid the ransom ($ 26,000). Obviously, in a way, which could not been checked! That's a crime aswell! Moreover, Ross knew that he would be protected in his country, one more reason to flee. The country Australia lives isolated from the rest of the world, even geographically this great island is a safe place for people, who you prefer not to be present in your neighborhood . The English knew that too well in the past! Mariska has had not any luck, the family either, Mariska was killed in Honduras, a country with the most murders in the world and moreover, the perpetrators are not caught, because they are protected by Australia! Corruption has only worsened the case.

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